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Our Agency HQ is located in Moorebank, NSW and we specialize in the field of security & security vetting, both in the Private and Government security sectors.

Our clients know us for our outstanding security services, our diverse security solutions, and for the pride we take in our work. Our clients depend upon the many services we provide so that they can protect their businesses, or organisations. Premier supplies clients StateWide with security protection, bodyguards, investigators and Security Vetting. Premier Protection Agency Pty Limited was formed to provide a higher quality and more professional service in the Security Industry. We have been in a constant development stage, structuring our Organisation to provide a greater service delivery within the industry.

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We are extremely proud to be a unique company, one that is NSW based and has been in operation for more than 12 years. Premier Protection Agency (Aust) Pty Limited has been dedicated to the goal of providing the highest-quality protection to our clients. We provide security, investigative and Vetting services to many customers and pride ourselves with our current clientele.

Safety in the workplace has become an extremely vital concern across Australia. At Premier, it is our sincere desire to work towards this common goal, not only for your benefit- but for ours as well.

Premier Protection Agency Pty Limited is managed by Security Specialist who ensure that the security provided meets the requirements of our customers. The quality of our clients, the diversity of industries we serve, and our retention of satisfied customers proves our success from year to year.

Our purpose remains the same - to raise security awareness in our community and through out State. By working together, we can make a positive difference.

Premier Protection Agency (Aust) Pty Limited is a one-stop-shop for your security needs. We offer highly effective security officers, innovative surveillance and Investigative solutions to a wide variety of routine, and terrorism-driven security challenges. Premier's executive managers and consultants fully understand the threats presented by the current World climate and the need to preserve normalcy when implementing hazard mitigation measures in a vibrant, open society. Our Managers work closely with you to find the most valuable, cost-efficient package for your security needs.

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